Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Things to Quit If You Want to Be a Successful Motivational Speaker - Tips by Matthew Parker Indiana

Try to search for Matthew Parker Indiana. Google will pull out hundreds of pages about him. Then, who is he, and what does he do? Those who have met Matthew Parker Indiana will tell you that he is one of the most talented and successful motivational speakers from Indiana. Mr. Parker Indiana is the face behind Indiana Motivational Speakers, a recognized bureau of top rated keynote speakers in Indiana. He has delivered several speeches meant for inspiring both the young and the old generations. He has also given out advice on how to become a successful motivational speaker, including a list of things that people should quit if they want to become successful motivational speakers. Read on to find out what these are.

1.Quit thinking that motivating people is an easy task. It is not. It is stressful work which needs you to be prepared and work hard.
2.Quit thinking that you are the star. Don’t let your ego get in your way because you will lose the chance of connecting with your audience in order to motivate them. Motivating is a service which needs humility.
3.Quit thinking that your audiences love presentations done through PowerPoint. Most audiences are tired of this way of presenting because it doesn’t allow them to connect with the motivator. They need to ask questions, somebody to talk to and laugh with.
4.Quit asking for higher fees or lower fees. You must know what you are worth. Knowing how much you are worth is paramount to your success.
5.Quit forgetting that you are a salesperson. In fact, what you are doing is selling yourself. You must have ability and confidence to become a successful information salesperson.
6.If you are using a phony speaker voice, quit using it. Learn to trust your own voice and use it to connect with your audience while you are on stage. Also, it gives your audience the confidence to engage with you more.

There you have it. In fact, the best motivational speakers, such as Matthew Parker Indiana have a talent for doing all these. They run their motivating business with top notch professionalism.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Matthew Parker Indiana - World’s Most Talented and Successful Motivational Speaker

In today’s article I am going to feature Matthew Parker Indiana’s work, successes and achievements. If you have never heard about him, you may be interested to know who this man is.  As one of the world’s most talented and successful motivational speakers, Matthew Parker Indiana is a highly sought-after guy. He is the founder of Indiana Motivational Speakers, Indiana’s top bureau of keynote motivational speakers. Matthew also holds a Bachelors of Business Administration Degree from the University of Indiana. For two decades he has not only mastered the science of personal achievement, but also managed to change the lives of millions of people across the world.

As a successful motivational speaker, Matthew knows how to energize people to overcome obstacles and challenges that they face. He skillfully shares a plethora of compelling stories of people who managed to create wealth from nothing. He says that there is no reason why people can’t aim high, work hard to achieve what they want to achieve and live to change other people and impact the world positively.

Revered as an icon by most of his friends in Indiana, Matthew has received several awards for his achievement in leadership and effective communication. He has been voted has one of the most influential speakers not only Indiana but also in the entire United States. When he is invited to offer keynote speeches, thousands of followers flock arenas to hear him speak. He has helped people believe in his guidance and training, as key to helping them achieve anything they desire.

You can change your life now and impact the world positively. Are you ready to be one of the thousands of people who this speaker has helped or are you thinking about it? Are there things holding you back? You can join Matthew live anywhere he is scheduled to give his motivational speeches.

You can also search for Matthew Parker Indiana contact information or interact with him through his social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. He is always available to reply to any of your inquiries.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Benefits of Hiring a Motivational Speaker by Matthew Parker Indiana

Motivation and inspiration are some of the important elements in our lives; they influence us, drive us and keep us going regardless of the obstacles, challenges or problems we face. Without motivation, we will be stuck in whatever we do in life. Just like in the business world, it keeps entrepreneurs and employees focused towards achieving the organization’s goal. Below are some of the principle benefits of hiring a talented motivational speaker like Matthew Parker Indiana.

Inspiration and Drive
One of the reasons you should hire a professional motivational speaker to address your employees is that they inspire and motivate them and give them a fresh perspective on their work. Many employees want to be encouraged and praised on what they do. They want to hear that they are doing a good job. If their morale is low, a motivational speaker can boost it resulting in increased positivity and job productivity.

Knowledge and Skill
Another benefit of hiring a professional motivational speaker is that they have the required knowledge and skill in a broad range of subjects. So, choosing the one with knowledge and skill in your field may bring positive results in whatever you are doing. If you are choosing a motivational speaker based on their knowledge and skills, also consider their years of experience. When you hire such a speaker, he or she will have more to share.

New Perspectives
The business world is changing daily. For a business to remain successful for a long time, they must adapt to these every day changes. However, most people are resistant to change and convincing them to accept these changes isn’t an easy task. This is where a motivational speaker should come in. They are the perfect individuals to help such kind of people to learn how to accept and adapt to these changes.

A motivational speaker like Matthew Parker from Indiana has been giving individuals and business entities a competitive edge. In summary, if you need to boost your staff’s morale or productivity, a motivational speaker might be your number one friend.