Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Matthew Parker Indiana believes that you need to relax

Everyone is sleeping for fewer hours than they did in the past. Suddenly, people are moving out bragging about how they manage with only a few hours of sleep. Matthew Parker Indiana, a leading motivational speaker, observes that workaholism is being equated to hard work and regarded as a virtue.

He further notes that the same population that is doing with a few hours of sleep is generally stressed out and has to rely on pain relievers, mood enhancers, and antidepressants in order to stay in a great mood and out of pain. We have become a world of an overworked generation that no longer values the power of relaxing. 

Take time off to reenergize
Human beings were made to have time off and reenergize their bodies. During rest, our bodies recuperate from all the injuries, wear, and tear that has gone one while working and thinking. However, when we do not take the time off to relax, we will just be flying through life and end up in the graves prematurely. This is also the main cause of many lifestyle diseases

Take time off to help the mind refocus
In many cases when we concentrate on a particular project, we tend to put on hold all the other things for the moment. It is very easy to forget other important aspects of life and take a skewed approach to life, which is very dangerous. Taking the time off our daily schedule allows us to maintain equilibrium into our lives. It gives us a chance take charge of other aspects of our lives and helps us reconnect with ourselves. There are many other valuable things beyond our businesses and careers. They include relationships, families and our hobbies among others. 

It is unfortunate that most people fill their lives with unnecessary commitments in a bid to impress others. The damage done to both the body and the mind is not worthy satisfying this societal need.
We gain no honor for wearing out our souls as well as destroying our bodies with activities that drain our souls to the very bottom. Taking some time off the schedule is not wasting time in any way. In fact, taking the time off is a life-preserving practice that keeps you functional well into the old age. ​Matthew Parker Indiana concludes by saying that relaxation is not laziness. He asserts that it is a part and parcel of leading lives that are both meaningful and enriched.