Thursday, 29 December 2016

Presentation tips that enabled Matthew Parker become Indiana’s most revered speaker

Great motivational speakers are defined by their presentation skills. Matthew Parker from Indiana embraced this secret to achieve immense success in his speaking career. There are numerous presentation techniques that aspiring speakers can adopt. However, it is important that you master one technique and become a specialist in it. Here are the ideal presentation skills that will enable speakers to change their fortunes.
  • Be sincere when delivering your message
Motivational speaking is all about changing lives through speaking. Therefore, you should strive to be sincere and show conviction in whatever you say. The best way to achieve this is talking about what you are highly knowledgeable about and talking out of experience. This will enable the audience to understand you better.
  • Use stories
Story telling is definitely a great method of communication that draws the attention of the audience and leaves a lasting impression. Mostly, motivational speakers will tell stories about how they have overcome tribulations. Through telling such tales, the audience is able to relate to your situation and thus they are able to learn something valuable from your story.
  • Visual aids 
At times, spoken words might not drive the point home as expected. Therefore, it is important to use visual aids that will enable the audience to understand your message easily. The best form of visual aid to use is whiteboards and red markers since they ensure the audience remains focused on you.
Becoming a revered speaker like Matthew Parker from Indiana is very much possible if only you adopt the ideal presentation tips. With these tips, you can be rest assured that your audience will never get enough of you!

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

How to form alliances with agents to become legendary like Indiana’s best speaker - Matthew Parker

Motivational speaking is a business like any other and if you are to enjoy success like that of Indiana’s finest; Matthew Parker, you have to develop an entrepreneurial spirit. Achieving success in motivational speaking is largely determined by the ability to have a huge following. In a bid to increase your audience, you should consider using agents. However, getting an agent who will book you can prove to be an uphill task even for the most seasoned speakers. But if it is done right, you can be rest assured that you will find an agent who will help you grow your business to unimaginable heights. Here is how to find an agent to work with.
  • Get a referral
Referrals also work wonders in the business of motivational speaking. It is important to have another highly revered motivational speaker who will introduce you to an agent. However, be sure to use a motivational speaker who receives regular bookings from the agent.
  • Send emails
If you have contacts of booking agents, it would be wise to reach out to them. After all, you never know whether they are looking for a speaker to add to their list. Be sure to be brief and on point since agents do not have a lot of time to read long messages as they are busy looking for paying clients.

Creating a formidable alliance with booking agents can go a long way in enabling you to increase your income and become legendary like Matthew Parker the great Indiana speaker. However, ensure you give them reason to stick with you. And that is through offering quality talks.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Developing confidence to reach the heights of Matthew Parker from Indiana

Motivational speaking requires confidence to be able to deliver you message skilfully and accurately. One of the motivational speakers who is famous for their unshakable confidence is Matthew Parker from Indiana. Many people have in-depth knowledge on various topics and can become great speakers, but confidence stands in their way to success. Fortunately, you can develop confidence and embark on your way to success. Here is how to develop the perfect confidence that will see you go down history books as one of the greatest motivational speakers.

  • Develop confidence on and off the stage
  • Becoming a great speaker means that you should possess unshakable confidence whether you are on or off stage. Confidence will come in handy not only when on the stage or theatre but also when handling unforeseen circumstances. For instance, many are times when technical problems occur during a presentation. How do you handle them? The decisive action you take to handle such an occurrence will go a long way in determining whether you are a professional or simply a wannabe speaker. Confidence will help you to handle any situation with authority and composure, and that alone can impress the audience.

  • Learn how to be confident
  • There are people who are born beaming with confidence. On the other hand, there are those who have to nurture it. Learning how to be super confident will require you to practice your delivery and presentation skills. It’s that simple!

    Confidence is one of the traits that have enabled Matthew Parker the leading speaker from Indiana to achieve success. You too can learn how to develop your confidence, and you can be rest assured that it will be a great tool in developing your speaking career!

    Wednesday, 23 November 2016

    Matthew Parker Indiana tips on influencing without authority

    A key skill in life is the ability to let people see things in your perspective without having to force them into it. This way people follow and act willingly. Matthew Parker Indiana shares simple tips on how to get a following.

    Stop trying to control people
    People hate being controlled, so do you. Stop trying to force people to follow your ideas. Appreciate other ideas to create a warm relationship. 

    Become a high performer
    People are willing to follow high performers. You will find people actively listening to you if you are a high performer in your field. Become the best in your department, your business or whatever field you are, and you will have an easy time getting followers.

    Learn your social style
    Every person has his or her way of getting things done. Depending on the social style, people can be getting the message communicated in many different ways. Some common social styles include:
    • Drivers: Results-oriented and direct
    • Expressive: Social, creative and outgoing
    • Analytical: Logical, structured and systematic
    • Amiable: Sensitive, easygoing, dependable
    Adapt to the social styles of the people you seek to influence. You will be on the same page when you communicate your ideas. 

     Create personal power
    Personal power is directly opposite of positional power. Matthew Parker Indiana defines personal power as the ability to create strong relationships with the people around you. You should have a pleasant personality and make people comfortable being around you.

    Thursday, 17 November 2016

    Matthew Parker Indiana on how to become a great public speaker

    Public speaking is not only for the motivational speakers like Matthew Parker Indiana. You need to speak effectively with your friends, customers, and creditors of your business, personal growth, and other issues in life. Effective public speaking is a personal PR that draws people to your ideas with clarity.

    Herein are easy ways to become better at public speaking
    Memorize the main concepts but do not claim the whole content
    It is unfortunate that many people think the best way to speak flawlessly is to memorize the content word-for-word. However, most of them tend to recite verses as if they are poems. They end up sounding unnatural and over-rehearsed.The worst happens when your mind goes black at some point during the presentation. You create an awkward silence or panic on stage and lose your flow.

    Warm to the audience before you begin your show
    There are several benefits that come with warming up to the audience before making your presentation. First, the audience warms up to you. You are also able to ascertain their mood and gauge their sense of humor. This helps you learn the words that you are supposed to use on the podium that will connect with the audience. You also get insights of what else you can include in the presentation to keep the audience on their feet.

    Be at ease  
    It is normal for speakers, even the seasoned speakers, to feel fidgety before making their presentation. To take the pressure off your mind, change the focus of your speech to the audience. You are there to give them information to help them make a decision. Do not be looking forward to becoming so perfect in your presentation at the expense of giving quality information. Focus on what is good for the audience instead of yourself, and you will present the information in a relaxed manner.

    Practice makes perfect
    You cannot become effective in public speaking at a go. Just like any other discipline in life, it takes practice to become a perfect public speaker. Practice speaking in front of the mirror each morning before making your presentation. You can also practice your speech in front of your close friends who point out mistakes that you make in the presentation.

    Matthew Parker Indiana believes that just anyone can become a successful public speaker. It is more about presenting the information in a way that the audience gets value and connects with you as the speaker. Start speaking in front of small crowds, and soon you will be comfortable in front of large gatherings. Research on the topic you are presenting and get quality information to your audience.

    Tuesday, 1 November 2016

    Matthew Parker Indiana guides you on how to build your self-esteem

    Human beings are emotional beings. Our emotions play a huge role in influencing our capabilities, our direction in life and our relationship with others. Self-esteem is the value we give to ourselves. Mathew Parker Indiana offers simple tips to ensure that we always have high self-esteem:
    Start with small successes
    Start doing activities that you can accomplish easily and immediately. Small successes help us gain momentum in doing more and create confidence that we are capable f achieving our goals
    Let your vision be compelling
    You will be more willing to achieve more in your life if you have something that fuels your efforts. A compelling vision keeps the fire burning in you and gives you a reason to believe in yourself.
    Become more social
    Join up with friends and family. Connecting with others helps us to express ourselves, creates teamwork and interpersonal skills. It also creates the confidence of talking to a bigger audience.
    Do not sabotage your efforts
    People are the worst enemies to their self-confidence. They cast doubt on their ability to achieve more. This creates a negative energy around their mind and suppresses their self-confidence.
    Find happiness in everything you do
    Your happiness is of a bigger worth than any other need and talks around you. Always place your happiness in front of all other needs. Matthew Parker Indiana says if an event does not make your life better and easier, it is not worth your time.

    Wednesday, 19 October 2016

    Matthew Parker Indiana - How to achieve your goals without stressing yourself out

    Goals are not the easiest of the things to achieve. If they were, everybody would be achieving their goals. But Matthew Parker Indiana believes that you can still achieve your goals without breaking your back or your head in the process.

    Here are some five easy tips to achieve your goals with less stress

    Start with the hardest and the worst
    Different goals have different levels of difficulty. Many people tend to work on the cheaper goals and are left struggling with the difficult ones. If you follow this route, the chances are that you will not achieve the hardest of your goals.

    Prioritize your goals and start with the hardest. Some people call it starting with the frog. Then ease into the cheaper goals. You will be less stressed when working on the cheaper ones despite the fatigue.

    Set realistic timelines
    In today’s fast world people easily fall into the trap of working 24/7 even if passively. People tend to extend their workday eating into the family and their time to rest. In the end, it leaves people feeling as if they are out of control.

    Set realistic timelines for your goals. Do not rush into achieving goals at the expense of your other responsibilities. Given ample time for each goal bearing in mind that there might be some events on the way that may derail the achievement of your goal. This way, you will not be forced to rush or panic as you try to beat the clock.

    Do not multitask
    There is a notion that you can achieve more by doing more than one task at a time. Unfortunately, it is not possible to work fast by multitasking. The brain focuses on one thing at a time. The best you can do is to do a task very fast and switch to another one fast and then back to the first one, but the two would not be running in your head at the same time. People that multitask end up feeling too tired and are less likely to achieve all of the goals that they set to achieve.

    Say no to the tasks that do not matter
    One of the biggest stress inducers is the tendency of taking tasks that were not part of the schedule and putting pressure on your own schedule. When someone asks you to accept a task, check with your schedule and determine if you have the time to perform the work. Just say no if the task with impact on your schedule negatively.

    Matthew Parker Indiana says that planning is the biggest tool against stress when achieving your goals. The better the plan, the less likely you are to get stressed out.

    Tuesday, 30 August 2016

    Matthew Parker Indiana’s Tips On How To Improve Your Self Awareness

    Through the years of being a motivational speaker, Matthew Parker Indiana clearly understands that what holds people back from making significant improvements in their lives is lack of self awareness. He emphasizes that self awareness has the ability to help someone build confidence and security that nothing else can offer. The following are tips or things that can help you become more aware of yourself and improve on your self-awareness: 

    Know your personality
    Your personality is what defines you. You need to know your personality before you can be able to improve on your self-awareness. You can be strong willed, relaxed, talkative, a go-getter, opinionated, easy going, quick thinker or indecisive. It is your personality, that will enable you achieve your goals in life, get certain jobs and even become happy in life.

    What is your talent?
    Each and every person has a talent; it is only that very few people get to know their talents and work to improve them. Therefore, sit down and try to find out what you are talented in.

    What life experiences do you have and how have they shaped you?
    As we grow from childhood into adulthood, there are numerous experiences we encounter. These experiences affect us in different ways. Some teach us lessons, some make us stronger and some make us regret. These experiences enable us to learn how to deal with situations in life, how we view and treat other people and, above all, what to expect in certain situations.

    Matthew Parker Indiana points out that each and every human being has the ability to improve his or her life. All you have to do is to just do it.

    Sunday, 21 August 2016

    Matthew Parker Indiana’s Guide to Motivational Speakers

    According to Matthew Indiana Parker, motivational speaker is a person who makes a living by offering paid speeches to different audiences. Most of these speeches are about becoming a better you, having a brighter future, making money and bettering your life. Normally, motivational speakers are usually invited to conferences, learning institutions, trade fairs and shows. Some motivational presenters use their life experiences and personalities, to motivate others in a humorous way while others use direct and serious ways to convey their message.

    What are some of the benefits of a motivational speaker?
    Motivational speakers have numerous benefits but the most important one is to motivate people. If your employees are well motivated in terms of remuneration, incentives, promotions and other motivational packages, they will be happy and work better hence becoming more effective in what they do. However, if they are demoralized and lack motivation, they will not be productive and their output will reduce hence affecting the company or organization. It is here where motivational speakers come in, to motivate and reignite self esteem among employees. 

    An experienced motivational speaker can easily resonate with his or her audience and infuse the audience with enthusiasm and vigor to a point where they will be able to do their jobs more energetically. Professional motivational presenters can actually motivate and encourage people to make vital changes in their lives, do more and improve their standards of living.

    Not only do motivational speakers motivate individuals but they can also inspire others to greater heights. For example in schools, motivational speakers can play the role of a motivating and inspiring students to work hard in class and get good grades. They can also inspire sport teams to achieve great results and achieve their personal goals. 

    Who can be a motivational speaker?
    Anyone can become a motivational speaker. However, for you to start making money out of motivational speaking, you must have the ability to motivate, be confident, have the ability to speak in public and above all be able to speak fluently as well as connect with your audience. 

    There are collages and institutions that offer classes or courses for motivational speakers and also there are online courses where one can learn how to become a motivational speaker. However, the best motivational speakers do not go for courses. They are people who have achieved notable achievements in their different careers and can speak to others and teach them how to be successful. 

    Matthew Parker Indiana is one of the best motivational speakers in the world and is experienced in a number of fields including business and commerce, self improvement, health and sports, and education just to mention a few.

    Wednesday, 17 August 2016

    Matthew Parker Indiana Explains Why Choosing A Professional Motivational Speaker Is Necessary

    Good motivational speakers like Matthew Parker Indiana are in high demand because they have proven capabilities of motivating people, instill in them internal energy and a sense of self-awareness that will enable them improve their lives, output at work and do more. The following are reasons why hiring a professional motivational speaker is important:

    Look out for bogus motivational speakers
    Lots of speakers only do it for the money. This is not good to those seeking the services of motivational presenters. Such people are only focused on making themselves rich and ignoring the plight of their audiences.

    Go for the best
    There are hundreds of motivational speakers in the world today. This means that finding the best will not be easy. If you want your organization or people to benefit from the speaker ensure that you go for the best. You can do this by asking for experience, check the speaker’s track record, his or her personality, the speaker’s ability to inspire and motivate and so on.

    Talent will shine through
    A professional, well-experienced motivational speaker has the ability to detect where a problem is by simply interacting with his or her audience. Once the problem is diagnosed, the speaker will use his or her experience to try and solve the existing problem while at the same time inspire and motivate his audience to become better and to do more.

    Return on investment
    Hiring a qualified, professional motivational presenter like Matthew Parker Indiana, is a return on investment. This is because most of your organizational objectives will be achieved, the audience will be inspired, motivated and encouraged to do more at the end of the meeting.

    Thursday, 11 August 2016

    Matthew Parker Indiana Advises On The Basic Principles That Can Get You Ahead

    In the words of Matthew Parker Indiana, a renowned motivational speaker based in Indiana, what each and every person wants the best in life; we want the finer things that life can offer. However, in order to get these things, we must overcome certain obstacles on the way. For you to get ahead and manage to get the finer things there are a couple of principles you must learn and adhere to. The herein of the basic principles that can help you to be ahead

    Invest in yourself
    The first and most important thing you need to do is to know who you really are. What are your fears, what are your values, what are your strengths, what is your personality, what do you believe in, deficiencies and above all your weak points. They say the two most important days of your life are when you are born and the day you know why you were born. Therefore know who you really are and then start pursuing your dreams while at the same time working on your weak points. Your weak points are the things that are preventing you from achieving your goals. 

    Increase your sources of income
    Even the richest man on earth does not have only one source of income but multiple sources. Therefore, it is essential for you to find other ways of making money other than the single source you have been depending on. You need to think hard and device a workable plan that will give you that extra income. There are many ways of making extra income only if you do your research thoroughly. You can also use your talent to make extra money. 

    Be open minded
    They say change is the only thing in life that is static. And this is very true as everything in life including situations change with time. As you progress in life, you will experience different circumstances and situations which are either good or bad. However, what matters here is how you deal with those issues. Some people adjust themselves in situations and turn problems into opportunities and these are the people who make it in life. Therefore, always be an open minded person, be open to criticisms, correct whenever you are corrected and stay focused. 

    Have a network of your own
    There is a wise proverb that says, show me your friends and I will tell you your character. This proverb simply points out the importance of surrounding yourself with people who can help you think and reason positively. Matthew Parker Indiana Insists that for you to succeed in life, the quality of people in your network matter a lot. Ensure that the members of your network are forward thinkers, people who can impact positive energy into your life.

    Monday, 25 July 2016

    Matthew Parker Indiana talks about how to get ahead

    As Matthew Parker Indiana, a renowned motivational speaker puts it, we all want the finer things in life. There are always obstacles on the way to reaching these things. However, a few timeless principles can help you get ahead. 

    Invest in you
    Perform a detailed analysis of you of your fears, deficiencies, personality, phobias as well as your weaknesses, talents and strengths. Self-awareness helps you invest in areas that you are good at and stop pursuing things in which you are weak. 

    Increase your streams of income 
    It is important to look at ways that you can boost the amount of money you make every day. Think hard and come up with a workable plan. The extra source of income could come from investing in stocks, real estate, trading in bonds and treasury bills, starting a business on the side or selling your skill or talent when free for some money. 

    Be flexible
    There is nothing in life that is static. Everything is about change. You are going to face a variety of good and bad circumstances in life. You will only make it forward if you can learn to adjust your sails when storm strike or the wind changes direction. 

    Build your network
    Did you know that you are as safe as the quality of people that you have in your network? The members of your network include your friends, your workmates, acquaintances, and specialists. Grow it wisely.

    Matthew Parker Indiana concludes by saying that determination and resilience are some of the key ingredients for the forward thinkers. There are no fine things that are going to come on your way if you are derailed by any obstacle that you meet on your way.

    Wednesday, 20 July 2016

    Matthew Parker Indiana teaches you how to improve through self-awareness

    In his motivational talks, Matthew Parker Indiana realized that the biggest problem with improving oneself was a lack of self-awareness. He believes that self-awareness holds the power to help build a feeling of security and comfort that cannot be built by something else
    Below are some important things you need to be aware of yourself: 

    What is your personality?  
    You need to know your personality. You could be sunny and chatty, strong-willed, opinionated, easy going and relaxed. Your personality leads you to specific jobs and dictates how we deal with other people. 

    What is your gift?  
    Are you talented in mathematics or gifted in music? Are you very organizational or people oriented? You are more likely to be successful in pursuing your gift using the same effort that you would when pursuing any other direction.

    Are you an extrovert or an introvert?
    Can you stand the crowds or you like your space? Are you outgoing or love staying indoors? Both types of personalities are okay, and none is better than the other.  

    What skills do you have?
    Skills are developed from the knowledge that you acquire from school. The skill could be in social sciences, arts, medicine, or commerce among other disciplines. 

    How have the life experiences shaped you?
    Where is your childhood home? How was it growing up in the area? Your life takes a course that is heavily reliant on the life experiences that you had in the past. The experiences also shape how you view others and your opinion on the common life issues. You can use your life experiences to your advantage and take the lessons learned in order to improve certain areas of your life that are not working well.

    You have all that it takes to improve yourself. As Matthew Parker Indiana puts it: “Just do it.”

    Tuesday, 12 July 2016

    Matthew Parker Indiana believes that you need to relax

    Everyone is sleeping for fewer hours than they did in the past. Suddenly, people are moving out bragging about how they manage with only a few hours of sleep. Matthew Parker Indiana, a leading motivational speaker, observes that workaholism is being equated to hard work and regarded as a virtue.

    He further notes that the same population that is doing with a few hours of sleep is generally stressed out and has to rely on pain relievers, mood enhancers, and antidepressants in order to stay in a great mood and out of pain. We have become a world of an overworked generation that no longer values the power of relaxing. 

    Take time off to reenergize
    Human beings were made to have time off and reenergize their bodies. During rest, our bodies recuperate from all the injuries, wear, and tear that has gone one while working and thinking. However, when we do not take the time off to relax, we will just be flying through life and end up in the graves prematurely. This is also the main cause of many lifestyle diseases

    Take time off to help the mind refocus
    In many cases when we concentrate on a particular project, we tend to put on hold all the other things for the moment. It is very easy to forget other important aspects of life and take a skewed approach to life, which is very dangerous. Taking the time off our daily schedule allows us to maintain equilibrium into our lives. It gives us a chance take charge of other aspects of our lives and helps us reconnect with ourselves. There are many other valuable things beyond our businesses and careers. They include relationships, families and our hobbies among others. 

    It is unfortunate that most people fill their lives with unnecessary commitments in a bid to impress others. The damage done to both the body and the mind is not worthy satisfying this societal need.
    We gain no honor for wearing out our souls as well as destroying our bodies with activities that drain our souls to the very bottom. Taking some time off the schedule is not wasting time in any way. In fact, taking the time off is a life-preserving practice that keeps you functional well into the old age. ​Matthew Parker Indiana concludes by saying that relaxation is not laziness. He asserts that it is a part and parcel of leading lives that are both meaningful and enriched.

    Friday, 1 July 2016

    Do you want to motivate your staff? Matthew Parker Indiana suggests that you hire a motivational speaker

    Everyone knows that highly motivated staff works hard, and the company reaps from the efforts. Motivation is the force that keeps you going despite the challenges, problems, and obstacles that you meet on the way. When not motivated, there is a high likelihood that you will not move beyond the obstacles that you are facing. Motivation is also important as the company pursues its goals. Below are some benefits that come with hiring a professional speaker like Matthew Parker Indiana.

    Impact more knowledge and skill
    By choosing a motivational speaker that has knowledge in your specific field and years of experience, he or she is able to share time-tested tips on achieving higher success in the field. He or she will also touch on likely pits that you may fail as you pursue your goals.

    Drive and inspiration
    A motivational speaker helps your staff develop a fresh approach to their work. Just like everyone else, your employees want to be inspired and praised for doing what they do. This helps boost their morale for the job, which results in increased productivity and positivity. 

    Opening up new perspectives
    The business environment is dynamic. Whatever was working a few years back may not work today. For businesses to remain afloat, they must learn to accept and adapt to new changes every day. However, in a business environment, most workers are opposed to change. They resist any new measures and structures that are put in place to increase productivity.

    A professional motivational speaker can be a great asset to a company that is struggling on several fronts. He or she boosts the productivity of the workers at the workplace and their personal lives. Such motivational speakers as Matthew Parker Indiana have a wealth of information that you need to jumpstart your vehicle to success.

    Monday, 20 June 2016

    Tips on How to Be a Successful Motivational Speaker like Matthew Parker Indiana

    When you enter the name Matthew Parker Indiana on Google search, you will find over a hundred pages of him. This just shows how popular Matthew is. But who exactly is Matthew? He is a famous and among the most successful motivational speakers in the world. If you want to be as successful as Matthew Parker, here are a few tips from the professional himself:

    Motivating People is Not Easy
    Most people think that motivating other people is an easy task. They think that all you have to do is to stand before people and speak. Well this is not the case. For you to be a successful motivational speaker, you must be ready to work hard, read widely, research extensively. 

    Stop Thinking That You Are One of a Kind

    When you start considering yourself as a star or one of a kind, you will start feeling boisterous and boastful. This is not good for your career as a motivational speaker. Learn to be humble before others and you will easily connect and inspire your audience. 

    Avoid the Use of Too Much Technology
    As much as this technology makes it easier for you to communicate and teach people, it prevents you from connecting with your audience. Connection with your audience is very important in motivational speaking. Instead of using too much technology, use live examples and your past experiences for your audience to pick something from there. 

    Avoid Using a Fake Speaker Voice or Accent 
    This is where most motivational speakers go wrong. Most motivational speakers, spend hours and hours practicing how to use a fake voice when talking to their audiences. Just learn to trust your own voice like Matthew Parker Indiana does.

    Wednesday, 15 June 2016

    Matthew Parker Indiana’s Insight on How to Hire the Best Motivational Speaker

    Motivational speakers have a very big task. They have the responsibility to speak facts, connect and interact with their audience. In most cases this is not an easy thing to do. Finding a reliable, trustworthy and good motivational speaker who will deliver is not easy. The following are factors to consider when hiring a great motivational speaker:

    Experience and Credibility
    Motivational speakers act as role models. This means that they should be people of integrity people who understand what they are talking about. A good motivational speaker should be a well experienced person; he or she should be knowledgeable of what he says.

    Good Track Record and Reputation
    When looking for a good motivational speaker, you need to hire someone who has a good track record and a reputation as a motivational speaker. Try to find out the individual’s background; is he someone who has done public speaking before, who are some of his or her former clients? 

    What is the Speaker Bringing Onboard?
    It is also important to try and find out what new thing is the speaker offering as far as motivating the audience is concerned. A good speaker should have a variety of tools that will be used by the audience. He or she should be well equipped with skills that will keep the audience engaged and tools that the audience will use to solve their problems thereafter. 

    Clearly Understand the Agenda of the Discussion
    A good speaker is one who clearly understands what is required of him or her. A company will hire a motivational speaker not only to inspire or motivate its employees but to put forward the company’s agenda. 

    In summary, Matthew Parker Indiana is among the few reputable, trustworthy and credible motivational speakers in Indiana who can not only inspire and motivate people or employees in an organization but can also encourage them to live purposeful lives.

    Wednesday, 8 June 2016

    Matthew Parker Indiana Gives Tips on How to Live an Anxiety-Free Life

    Everyone gets anxious or experiences nervousness often. However, for a considerable number of people, nervousness turn out to be so common with them that it begins to take control of their day-to-day lives. No one wants to live with this disorder, but most of the people suffering from anxiety disorder constantly behave in ways that makes it impossible for them to cope with the symptoms of the disorder. Matthew Parker Indiana, on personal development tries to give tips on how to avoid anxiety and live healthy lifestyle:

    Get Adequate Sleep
    The most common cause of anxiety is sleep deprivation. Studies show that most people suffering from anxiety do not get enough sleep. Adequate sleep is among the most important ways of dealing with stress. Therefore, when you stay awake, you give stress the chance to affect you later. Sometimes it is hard for someone to fall asleep, especially if you have something troubling your mind.

    Avoid use of stimulants
    Stimulants can worsen anxiety symptoms. If you are suffering from anxiety disorders, it is advisable to avoid using stimulants like tobacco, caffeine and other legal or illegal drugs that can worsen the disorders. It is important to point out that any stimulant, illegal substance or recreational drugs bring about some amount of stress on your body. Therefore, if you are taking stimulants or drugs on a regular basis, your anxiety will get worse.

    Be Active
    Being active is yet another important tip in managing or treating anxiety. People suffering from this disorder tend to be inactive; in fact, anxiety can make you feel like you want to be inactive. Today, most people tend to live an inactive lifestyle and the misplaced and excess energy can cause tension and anxiety. Therefore, try as much as you can to be active and engage in activities that involve movement.

    Avoid Negative Mindset

    Negative thinking or mindset causes anxiety. Having a positive mind gives you the ability to look at things differently even when they are not quite encouraging. This allows you to understand what has happened and avoid thinking so much about that thing. Ensure you keep focusing on the positives and avoid the negatives in your life for you to feel good about yourself and your environment.

    In summary, for you to live a healthy life you need to avoid anxiety. According to Matthew Parker Indiana anxiety, if unchecked, is a common disorder that can prevent a lot of people from achieving their goals in life.

    Tuesday, 31 May 2016

    Matthew Parker Indiana - A Well-Rounded Motivational Speaker

    Motivational speakers are increasingly becoming important and famous across the globe. Matthew Parker Indiana is one of the most renowned motivational speakers in Indiana. He has inspired a lot of people in Indiana and across the globe thanks to the internet and technology. Motivational speakers are becoming popular because of the many challenges and problems facing people today. These challenges have made it hard for people to live their lives to the fullest. In fact many people are giving up and losing hope because of the challenges they face today. There are different types of motivational speakers as can be seen below:

    Personal Development
    Personal development involves ways in which an individual can better his or her personal challenges. We all have different challenges; there are those who cannot speak in public places, there are those who have phobias, others are not good in class work, others do not know how to save, others have behavioral change problems and so many other personal problems.  Motivational speakers who specialize in personal development tend to encourage, guide and inspire other people to overcome their personal problems and to discover their purpose in life. 

    Youth Mentorship
    Let’s face it; today’s youth are the most vulnerable people in the society. They are easy to confuse, they are gullible, they tend to easily lose sense of direction in life, they are easy to lie to and even easier to influence. It is because of these known facts that the youth require mentors. Motivational speakers who specialize in youth mentorship are tasked with the roles of educating the youth on what to do in life, giving the youth a sense of direction and encouraging them to live purposeful lives. Motivational speakers under this category inspire, motivate and encourage the young generation to find their passion, work hard in class, adopt healthy lifestyles and live healthy lives.

    In the business circuit, motivational speakers advise and encourage people especially business minded people how to start and build successful businesses. For you to be a good motivational speaker in this category you need to have profound experience in business. You need to be knowledgeable in the business industry. You need to know how to run and deal with the numerous challenges faced by businesses for you to inspire others. This is the hardest but the most lucrative of all motivational speaking roles. 

    Community Motivational Speakers   
    This group of motivational speakers focuses on the various aspects of community life. They talk about the various social and economic issues faced by the community. Their aim is to educate the masses on the importance of taking a positive action to impact the world positively.

    Matthew Indiana Parker is fortunate enough to have the expertise and experience in all of these fields. He can motivate and inspire the business people, the youth, advise people on personal development and, above all, encourage and instill hope in the community.  

    Monday, 2 May 2016

    What Does a Motivational Speaker Like Matthew Parker Indiana Do?

    The ultimate goal of a professional motivational speaker like Matthew Parker Indiana is to change people’s lives and make them better. People tend to focus solely on their problems, challenges and obstacles that are keeping their lives back. A motivational speaker uses a number of persuasive speeches to make them see opportunities past those difficulties. Their overall aim is to inspire and motivate.

    Some motivational speakers are invited to schools, community centers, company boardrooms, and conferences to address the audience as special guests while others find themselves caught in the circuit of speaking engagements. In fact, the more popular a motivational speaker is, the more successful he or she becomes.

    Almost all successful motivational speakers draft their speeches based on personal experiences. They come up with something unique from their background and use that information to inspire and motivate others. They constantly reflect on their life experience to pick something which would be helpful to their audiences.

    The areas of expertise of motivational speakers include:

    Personal Development: Motivational speakers under this category tend to inspire and guide their audience in order to discover their purpose in life. They help people overcome their obstacles by seeing opportunities in those obstacles.

    Business: Motivational speakers under this category encourage and advise people on how to build successful businesses. Most of them have experience in the business industry and want to share their own stories about their personal success. They inspire them to work hard and persevere when running a challenging business. 

    Youth Mentor: The work of this type of motivational speakers is to give the young generation a sense of direction including positive direction. They inspire youth and children to lead a healthy and ambitious life. They motivate them to study hard, find their passion and engage in positive things only.

    Community: Community motivational speakers talk about important economic and social issues. Their ultimate goal is to educate the public on how to take positive action that impacts the world positively.

    One good thing about Matthew Parker Indiana is that he has expertise in all the fields mentioned above. He is a personal development motivational speaker, youth mentor, business mentor and community speaker.

    Tuesday, 26 April 2016

    Things to Quit If You Want to Be a Successful Motivational Speaker - Tips by Matthew Parker Indiana

    Try to search for Matthew Parker Indiana. Google will pull out hundreds of pages about him. Then, who is he, and what does he do? Those who have met Matthew Parker Indiana will tell you that he is one of the most talented and successful motivational speakers from Indiana. Mr. Parker Indiana is the face behind Indiana Motivational Speakers, a recognized bureau of top rated keynote speakers in Indiana. He has delivered several speeches meant for inspiring both the young and the old generations. He has also given out advice on how to become a successful motivational speaker, including a list of things that people should quit if they want to become successful motivational speakers. Read on to find out what these are.

    1.Quit thinking that motivating people is an easy task. It is not. It is stressful work which needs you to be prepared and work hard.
    2.Quit thinking that you are the star. Don’t let your ego get in your way because you will lose the chance of connecting with your audience in order to motivate them. Motivating is a service which needs humility.
    3.Quit thinking that your audiences love presentations done through PowerPoint. Most audiences are tired of this way of presenting because it doesn’t allow them to connect with the motivator. They need to ask questions, somebody to talk to and laugh with.
    4.Quit asking for higher fees or lower fees. You must know what you are worth. Knowing how much you are worth is paramount to your success.
    5.Quit forgetting that you are a salesperson. In fact, what you are doing is selling yourself. You must have ability and confidence to become a successful information salesperson.
    6.If you are using a phony speaker voice, quit using it. Learn to trust your own voice and use it to connect with your audience while you are on stage. Also, it gives your audience the confidence to engage with you more.

    There you have it. In fact, the best motivational speakers, such as Matthew Parker Indiana have a talent for doing all these. They run their motivating business with top notch professionalism.

    Monday, 18 April 2016

    Matthew Parker Indiana - World’s Most Talented and Successful Motivational Speaker

    In today’s article I am going to feature Matthew Parker Indiana’s work, successes and achievements. If you have never heard about him, you may be interested to know who this man is.  As one of the world’s most talented and successful motivational speakers, Matthew Parker Indiana is a highly sought-after guy. He is the founder of Indiana Motivational Speakers, Indiana’s top bureau of keynote motivational speakers. Matthew also holds a Bachelors of Business Administration Degree from the University of Indiana. For two decades he has not only mastered the science of personal achievement, but also managed to change the lives of millions of people across the world.

    As a successful motivational speaker, Matthew knows how to energize people to overcome obstacles and challenges that they face. He skillfully shares a plethora of compelling stories of people who managed to create wealth from nothing. He says that there is no reason why people can’t aim high, work hard to achieve what they want to achieve and live to change other people and impact the world positively.

    Revered as an icon by most of his friends in Indiana, Matthew has received several awards for his achievement in leadership and effective communication. He has been voted has one of the most influential speakers not only Indiana but also in the entire United States. When he is invited to offer keynote speeches, thousands of followers flock arenas to hear him speak. He has helped people believe in his guidance and training, as key to helping them achieve anything they desire.

    You can change your life now and impact the world positively. Are you ready to be one of the thousands of people who this speaker has helped or are you thinking about it? Are there things holding you back? You can join Matthew live anywhere he is scheduled to give his motivational speeches.

    You can also search for Matthew Parker Indiana contact information or interact with him through his social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. He is always available to reply to any of your inquiries.

    Monday, 11 April 2016

    Benefits of Hiring a Motivational Speaker by Matthew Parker Indiana

    Motivation and inspiration are some of the important elements in our lives; they influence us, drive us and keep us going regardless of the obstacles, challenges or problems we face. Without motivation, we will be stuck in whatever we do in life. Just like in the business world, it keeps entrepreneurs and employees focused towards achieving the organization’s goal. Below are some of the principle benefits of hiring a talented motivational speaker like Matthew Parker Indiana.

    Inspiration and Drive
    One of the reasons you should hire a professional motivational speaker to address your employees is that they inspire and motivate them and give them a fresh perspective on their work. Many employees want to be encouraged and praised on what they do. They want to hear that they are doing a good job. If their morale is low, a motivational speaker can boost it resulting in increased positivity and job productivity.

    Knowledge and Skill
    Another benefit of hiring a professional motivational speaker is that they have the required knowledge and skill in a broad range of subjects. So, choosing the one with knowledge and skill in your field may bring positive results in whatever you are doing. If you are choosing a motivational speaker based on their knowledge and skills, also consider their years of experience. When you hire such a speaker, he or she will have more to share.

    New Perspectives
    The business world is changing daily. For a business to remain successful for a long time, they must adapt to these every day changes. However, most people are resistant to change and convincing them to accept these changes isn’t an easy task. This is where a motivational speaker should come in. They are the perfect individuals to help such kind of people to learn how to accept and adapt to these changes.

    A motivational speaker like Matthew Parker from Indiana has been giving individuals and business entities a competitive edge. In summary, if you need to boost your staff’s morale or productivity, a motivational speaker might be your number one friend.

    Friday, 18 March 2016

    Matthew Parker Indiana Lectures on How to Get Ahead

    “We all want the finer things of life. The ability to move forward and get these things amidst obstacles is a much sought after skill and knowledge. Though we all have a different set of circumstances and situations, there are a few timeless principles through which we can all move ahead”, says Matthew Parker Indiana, a motivational speaker.

    Invest in Yourself. You just have to take your time and know your strengths, weakness, personality, deficiencies, fears and phobias and talents. You have to go further and invest in your skills and abilities. Self-awareness is a big factor in order to be able to leverage what we are good at and staying away from those things that we are not so good at.

    Increase Your Income. You ought to rack your head, day in, day out, on how you can significantly boost your income. Starting a business, investing in real estates, buying treasury bills and bonds, and utilizing your talent afterhours are some of the readily available opportunities for growing your income.

    Build Your Network. At any point in time, you are only as safe as the quality of your network. Networks simply constitute friends, co-workers, specialists, acquaintances and a whole host of other professions around you that you can leverage on if need be. Networks are fluid because people move on, others die, a whole lot more move to other areas, so you have to continually seek to improve and grow your network.

    Be Adaptable. Life will change. Kids will come and go and you’ll be through many different circumstances in life. Your ability to keep going will heavily lean on your ability to adjust your sails. “As the seasons of life come and go you will need the ability to keep your head together and make decisions within a framework of uncertainties”, concludes Matthew Parker Indiana.

    Monday, 14 March 2016

    Matthew Parker Indiana On The Perils Of the Standard Life

    “In modern society, the script is often written long before we ever learn to walk. In fact, it has existed unchallenged for many generations. The path is always: go to school, get good grades, get a safe and secure job that pays well, start a family, retire and settle into country life”, says Matthew Parker Indiana, a motivational speaker.

    This script was sound and achievable for many generations. But now, with the developments in science and technology, people have more options and they are also able to live longer. Add to this the fact that companies tend to downsize a whole lot more and most people will go through four or five jobs in their lifetime.

    Most of us, if we are to admit it, don’t fit into this model. For many of us, our jobs don’t require academic achievements and, with technology, a lot of talent-related jobs have made it easy to pursue a career away from the mainstream privileged jobs.

    Unfortunately, many people still try to fit in this mould. They play by the rules until they wake up one day and the “rules” have sucked life out of them.

    “What most of us require these days is courage. We need the grit to step out into the prospective unknown. We need to explore new ways of living our lives and going for that which the heart desires. It means standing up to the voices that insist that we toe the line”, says Matthew Parker Indiana, adding “It means being rebels with a course. It means being misunderstood but, at the end of the day, being able to live the life that you truly ever wanted.”

    Monday, 7 March 2016

    Matthew Parker Indiana On What Pain You Want To Live With

    “If you were to walk the streets and ask people what they desire”, asks Matthew Parker Indiana, a motivational speaker, “most likely the answers will be quick, simple and stunningly similar.” We all know what we want and wish for. For most of us it’s a job, a spouse, wealth, good health or a few other spoken and unspoken dreams.

    But the sad truth is that most of these people will never be able to achieve those dreams and a minority will only achieve mixed results.

    So what makes only a few people hit all their targets while all others put up with lackluster lives? The answer lies in the fact that what makes us truly succeed is not what we cherish, but the pain we are willing to live with. Every dream, every goal, every ambition has an inherent struggle to it. While we all desire to have these dreams fulfilled, few of us are willing to put up with the hustle of getting to the top.

    We are not ready to handle the long practices, the rejection, the sleepless nights, the possibilities of failure that come with venturing out. If we are to succeed, we have to want something so badly that we are willing to put up with the thorn in the rose. Only then will we be able to achieve true success.

    According to motivational speaker Matthew Parker Indiana, anytime you desire something, be it fame or fortune, the better question to ask yourself is, am I willing to pay the price of getting and keeping it? Pain is discomforting and often times disorienting but also inevitable in nearly all the goals and dreams that we can ever hope of achieving.

    Wednesday, 17 February 2016

    Matthew Parker Indiana On Adaptability and Attitude

    The only constant in life is change. Jobs come and go. Friends come and go. Financial fortunes change. Career aspirations change. We are constantly dealing with change, says Mathew Parker Indiana, a motivational speaker.

    In the short run anyone can be successful, clinch a deal, start a business or flourish their career, but the long term success depends on our attitude. It is those who are best able to adapt to changing fortunes and their place in life that truly get to live a fulfilled existence.

    When things don’t go your way, how do you react? Do you get angry or do you step out to find solutions? Most of life is not what happens to us but how we react to it. In moments of uncertainty we can either choose to be resilient and fight it out or give up. The frame of mind that governs our everyday decisions matters far more than our skills, talents and fortunes.

    Talents will take you far, your gifting can open many doors, even your place in life can guarantee you some favors, but those who truly last are those with great attitudes.

    Attitude is simply the metal posture that we adopt as our way of interpreting life as it happens around us. We can have a negative attitude and see everything as ‘gloom and doom’ or we can adopt a versatile attitude that takes life’s challenges in stride.

    Our attitude is what determines how we get along with others and cope with life. “No one really rises beyond their personal attitudes”, says Matthew Parker Indiana.

    Thursday, 11 February 2016

    Matthew Parker Indiana On The Power Of Networks

    What is the quality of your network? I’m asking this question based of the faulty assumption that you’ve already spent some time trying to build one. In a sense, we all have networks.

    “A network is simply the group of people around us who range from confidants to acquaintances on whom we can rely on for our career, friendship or support”, Says Matthew Parker Indiana. The people we went to school with, those we’ve worked with and the social circle in our neighborhood all make part of our network.

    It pays to invest in building a good network around you. Most business and career opportunities we will ever have will come from the network that we have.  The best part is that the people in your network know you or at the very least have an idea of how you work, so it’s easier for them to entrust you with opportunities.

    The people in your network will also be your brand ambassadors. It is from this group that you will get most of your referrals. They are the people who are most likely to put in a ‘good word’ for you to their friend and families. Make your network as diverse as possible in terms of age, geographical location, professions and lifestyle. There is little to gain when you surround yourself with people just like yourself.

    “Our networks are never stable, people move away, others move out of town, some pass on and others just cut themselves off”, explains Matthew Parker Indiana. The dynamism of our network means we should always be investing in growing and replenishing it.

    Saturday, 6 February 2016

    Mastery of our Trade by Matthew Parker Indiana

    The things that we work with everyday are faster, leaner, softer, lighter and on and on. The idea of having to patiently wait for a process or maturation are nearly gone. Impatience might have as well become a virtue.

    In this day and age of fast foods, microwave and convenience stores, it is much harder for us to be willing to take the time and pay the price of success. The temptations to cut the process short are all around us. While many of the conveniences that we have are actually time and lifesaving, there comes a time when we have to pay the price.

    You most likely have heard of the 10,000 hours rule. For all of our love of ease and convenience there are things we wouldn’t want to compromise on; no one wants a surgeon who has never operated. We would bolt at the sight of a pilot who hasn’t taken the time to master his craft.

    We all have a thing or two for which we have to put in the time, sacrifice and resource to be able to come out at the top. Whether it is learning an instrument, training for a sport, learning a particular trade or building lifelong friendships the 10,000 rule applies to all of us.

    According to Matthew Parker Indiana motivational speaker, there are certain habits and reward systems during training that rewire us when we invest the time in mastering our trade. It is this reinforcement of the reward system that keeps most of us motivated to continue becoming better at our trade.