Thursday, 17 November 2016

Matthew Parker Indiana on how to become a great public speaker

Public speaking is not only for the motivational speakers like Matthew Parker Indiana. You need to speak effectively with your friends, customers, and creditors of your business, personal growth, and other issues in life. Effective public speaking is a personal PR that draws people to your ideas with clarity.

Herein are easy ways to become better at public speaking
Memorize the main concepts but do not claim the whole content
It is unfortunate that many people think the best way to speak flawlessly is to memorize the content word-for-word. However, most of them tend to recite verses as if they are poems. They end up sounding unnatural and over-rehearsed.The worst happens when your mind goes black at some point during the presentation. You create an awkward silence or panic on stage and lose your flow.

Warm to the audience before you begin your show
There are several benefits that come with warming up to the audience before making your presentation. First, the audience warms up to you. You are also able to ascertain their mood and gauge their sense of humor. This helps you learn the words that you are supposed to use on the podium that will connect with the audience. You also get insights of what else you can include in the presentation to keep the audience on their feet.

Be at ease  
It is normal for speakers, even the seasoned speakers, to feel fidgety before making their presentation. To take the pressure off your mind, change the focus of your speech to the audience. You are there to give them information to help them make a decision. Do not be looking forward to becoming so perfect in your presentation at the expense of giving quality information. Focus on what is good for the audience instead of yourself, and you will present the information in a relaxed manner.

Practice makes perfect
You cannot become effective in public speaking at a go. Just like any other discipline in life, it takes practice to become a perfect public speaker. Practice speaking in front of the mirror each morning before making your presentation. You can also practice your speech in front of your close friends who point out mistakes that you make in the presentation.

Matthew Parker Indiana believes that just anyone can become a successful public speaker. It is more about presenting the information in a way that the audience gets value and connects with you as the speaker. Start speaking in front of small crowds, and soon you will be comfortable in front of large gatherings. Research on the topic you are presenting and get quality information to your audience.