Friday, 18 March 2016

Matthew Parker Indiana Lectures on How to Get Ahead

“We all want the finer things of life. The ability to move forward and get these things amidst obstacles is a much sought after skill and knowledge. Though we all have a different set of circumstances and situations, there are a few timeless principles through which we can all move ahead”, says Matthew Parker Indiana, a motivational speaker.

Invest in Yourself. You just have to take your time and know your strengths, weakness, personality, deficiencies, fears and phobias and talents. You have to go further and invest in your skills and abilities. Self-awareness is a big factor in order to be able to leverage what we are good at and staying away from those things that we are not so good at.

Increase Your Income. You ought to rack your head, day in, day out, on how you can significantly boost your income. Starting a business, investing in real estates, buying treasury bills and bonds, and utilizing your talent afterhours are some of the readily available opportunities for growing your income.

Build Your Network. At any point in time, you are only as safe as the quality of your network. Networks simply constitute friends, co-workers, specialists, acquaintances and a whole host of other professions around you that you can leverage on if need be. Networks are fluid because people move on, others die, a whole lot more move to other areas, so you have to continually seek to improve and grow your network.

Be Adaptable. Life will change. Kids will come and go and you’ll be through many different circumstances in life. Your ability to keep going will heavily lean on your ability to adjust your sails. “As the seasons of life come and go you will need the ability to keep your head together and make decisions within a framework of uncertainties”, concludes Matthew Parker Indiana.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Matthew Parker Indiana On The Perils Of the Standard Life

“In modern society, the script is often written long before we ever learn to walk. In fact, it has existed unchallenged for many generations. The path is always: go to school, get good grades, get a safe and secure job that pays well, start a family, retire and settle into country life”, says Matthew Parker Indiana, a motivational speaker.

This script was sound and achievable for many generations. But now, with the developments in science and technology, people have more options and they are also able to live longer. Add to this the fact that companies tend to downsize a whole lot more and most people will go through four or five jobs in their lifetime.

Most of us, if we are to admit it, don’t fit into this model. For many of us, our jobs don’t require academic achievements and, with technology, a lot of talent-related jobs have made it easy to pursue a career away from the mainstream privileged jobs.

Unfortunately, many people still try to fit in this mould. They play by the rules until they wake up one day and the “rules” have sucked life out of them.

“What most of us require these days is courage. We need the grit to step out into the prospective unknown. We need to explore new ways of living our lives and going for that which the heart desires. It means standing up to the voices that insist that we toe the line”, says Matthew Parker Indiana, adding “It means being rebels with a course. It means being misunderstood but, at the end of the day, being able to live the life that you truly ever wanted.”

Monday, 7 March 2016

Matthew Parker Indiana On What Pain You Want To Live With

“If you were to walk the streets and ask people what they desire”, asks Matthew Parker Indiana, a motivational speaker, “most likely the answers will be quick, simple and stunningly similar.” We all know what we want and wish for. For most of us it’s a job, a spouse, wealth, good health or a few other spoken and unspoken dreams.

But the sad truth is that most of these people will never be able to achieve those dreams and a minority will only achieve mixed results.

So what makes only a few people hit all their targets while all others put up with lackluster lives? The answer lies in the fact that what makes us truly succeed is not what we cherish, but the pain we are willing to live with. Every dream, every goal, every ambition has an inherent struggle to it. While we all desire to have these dreams fulfilled, few of us are willing to put up with the hustle of getting to the top.

We are not ready to handle the long practices, the rejection, the sleepless nights, the possibilities of failure that come with venturing out. If we are to succeed, we have to want something so badly that we are willing to put up with the thorn in the rose. Only then will we be able to achieve true success.

According to motivational speaker Matthew Parker Indiana, anytime you desire something, be it fame or fortune, the better question to ask yourself is, am I willing to pay the price of getting and keeping it? Pain is discomforting and often times disorienting but also inevitable in nearly all the goals and dreams that we can ever hope of achieving.