Monday, 20 June 2016

Tips on How to Be a Successful Motivational Speaker like Matthew Parker Indiana

When you enter the name Matthew Parker Indiana on Google search, you will find over a hundred pages of him. This just shows how popular Matthew is. But who exactly is Matthew? He is a famous and among the most successful motivational speakers in the world. If you want to be as successful as Matthew Parker, here are a few tips from the professional himself:

Motivating People is Not Easy
Most people think that motivating other people is an easy task. They think that all you have to do is to stand before people and speak. Well this is not the case. For you to be a successful motivational speaker, you must be ready to work hard, read widely, research extensively. 

Stop Thinking That You Are One of a Kind

When you start considering yourself as a star or one of a kind, you will start feeling boisterous and boastful. This is not good for your career as a motivational speaker. Learn to be humble before others and you will easily connect and inspire your audience. 

Avoid the Use of Too Much Technology
As much as this technology makes it easier for you to communicate and teach people, it prevents you from connecting with your audience. Connection with your audience is very important in motivational speaking. Instead of using too much technology, use live examples and your past experiences for your audience to pick something from there. 

Avoid Using a Fake Speaker Voice or Accent 
This is where most motivational speakers go wrong. Most motivational speakers, spend hours and hours practicing how to use a fake voice when talking to their audiences. Just learn to trust your own voice like Matthew Parker Indiana does.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Matthew Parker Indiana’s Insight on How to Hire the Best Motivational Speaker

Motivational speakers have a very big task. They have the responsibility to speak facts, connect and interact with their audience. In most cases this is not an easy thing to do. Finding a reliable, trustworthy and good motivational speaker who will deliver is not easy. The following are factors to consider when hiring a great motivational speaker:

Experience and Credibility
Motivational speakers act as role models. This means that they should be people of integrity people who understand what they are talking about. A good motivational speaker should be a well experienced person; he or she should be knowledgeable of what he says.

Good Track Record and Reputation
When looking for a good motivational speaker, you need to hire someone who has a good track record and a reputation as a motivational speaker. Try to find out the individual’s background; is he someone who has done public speaking before, who are some of his or her former clients? 

What is the Speaker Bringing Onboard?
It is also important to try and find out what new thing is the speaker offering as far as motivating the audience is concerned. A good speaker should have a variety of tools that will be used by the audience. He or she should be well equipped with skills that will keep the audience engaged and tools that the audience will use to solve their problems thereafter. 

Clearly Understand the Agenda of the Discussion
A good speaker is one who clearly understands what is required of him or her. A company will hire a motivational speaker not only to inspire or motivate its employees but to put forward the company’s agenda. 

In summary, Matthew Parker Indiana is among the few reputable, trustworthy and credible motivational speakers in Indiana who can not only inspire and motivate people or employees in an organization but can also encourage them to live purposeful lives.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Matthew Parker Indiana Gives Tips on How to Live an Anxiety-Free Life

Everyone gets anxious or experiences nervousness often. However, for a considerable number of people, nervousness turn out to be so common with them that it begins to take control of their day-to-day lives. No one wants to live with this disorder, but most of the people suffering from anxiety disorder constantly behave in ways that makes it impossible for them to cope with the symptoms of the disorder. Matthew Parker Indiana, on personal development tries to give tips on how to avoid anxiety and live healthy lifestyle:

Get Adequate Sleep
The most common cause of anxiety is sleep deprivation. Studies show that most people suffering from anxiety do not get enough sleep. Adequate sleep is among the most important ways of dealing with stress. Therefore, when you stay awake, you give stress the chance to affect you later. Sometimes it is hard for someone to fall asleep, especially if you have something troubling your mind.

Avoid use of stimulants
Stimulants can worsen anxiety symptoms. If you are suffering from anxiety disorders, it is advisable to avoid using stimulants like tobacco, caffeine and other legal or illegal drugs that can worsen the disorders. It is important to point out that any stimulant, illegal substance or recreational drugs bring about some amount of stress on your body. Therefore, if you are taking stimulants or drugs on a regular basis, your anxiety will get worse.

Be Active
Being active is yet another important tip in managing or treating anxiety. People suffering from this disorder tend to be inactive; in fact, anxiety can make you feel like you want to be inactive. Today, most people tend to live an inactive lifestyle and the misplaced and excess energy can cause tension and anxiety. Therefore, try as much as you can to be active and engage in activities that involve movement.

Avoid Negative Mindset

Negative thinking or mindset causes anxiety. Having a positive mind gives you the ability to look at things differently even when they are not quite encouraging. This allows you to understand what has happened and avoid thinking so much about that thing. Ensure you keep focusing on the positives and avoid the negatives in your life for you to feel good about yourself and your environment.

In summary, for you to live a healthy life you need to avoid anxiety. According to Matthew Parker Indiana anxiety, if unchecked, is a common disorder that can prevent a lot of people from achieving their goals in life.