Monday, 7 March 2016

Matthew Parker Indiana On What Pain You Want To Live With

“If you were to walk the streets and ask people what they desire”, asks Matthew Parker Indiana, a motivational speaker, “most likely the answers will be quick, simple and stunningly similar.” We all know what we want and wish for. For most of us it’s a job, a spouse, wealth, good health or a few other spoken and unspoken dreams.

But the sad truth is that most of these people will never be able to achieve those dreams and a minority will only achieve mixed results.

So what makes only a few people hit all their targets while all others put up with lackluster lives? The answer lies in the fact that what makes us truly succeed is not what we cherish, but the pain we are willing to live with. Every dream, every goal, every ambition has an inherent struggle to it. While we all desire to have these dreams fulfilled, few of us are willing to put up with the hustle of getting to the top.

We are not ready to handle the long practices, the rejection, the sleepless nights, the possibilities of failure that come with venturing out. If we are to succeed, we have to want something so badly that we are willing to put up with the thorn in the rose. Only then will we be able to achieve true success.

According to motivational speaker Matthew Parker Indiana, anytime you desire something, be it fame or fortune, the better question to ask yourself is, am I willing to pay the price of getting and keeping it? Pain is discomforting and often times disorienting but also inevitable in nearly all the goals and dreams that we can ever hope of achieving.