Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Matthew Parker Indiana tips on influencing without authority

A key skill in life is the ability to let people see things in your perspective without having to force them into it. This way people follow and act willingly. Matthew Parker Indiana shares simple tips on how to get a following.

Stop trying to control people
People hate being controlled, so do you. Stop trying to force people to follow your ideas. Appreciate other ideas to create a warm relationship. 

Become a high performer
People are willing to follow high performers. You will find people actively listening to you if you are a high performer in your field. Become the best in your department, your business or whatever field you are, and you will have an easy time getting followers.

Learn your social style
Every person has his or her way of getting things done. Depending on the social style, people can be getting the message communicated in many different ways. Some common social styles include:
  • Drivers: Results-oriented and direct
  • Expressive: Social, creative and outgoing
  • Analytical: Logical, structured and systematic
  • Amiable: Sensitive, easygoing, dependable
Adapt to the social styles of the people you seek to influence. You will be on the same page when you communicate your ideas. 

 Create personal power
Personal power is directly opposite of positional power. Matthew Parker Indiana defines personal power as the ability to create strong relationships with the people around you. You should have a pleasant personality and make people comfortable being around you.